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Of late, a huge number of professional and free Photoshop CS6 tutorials have come up which has made mastering this latest version of Photoshop extremely easy and quick. Though the software initially was developed way back in 1987 for designing special effects for the film “Star Wars”, the software has come a long way since then and today, is one of the most common software.

With every passing decade, the software got improved technically besides being more and more user-friendly and with the introduction of the CS6 version a new feat has been accomplished.

The new CS6 version of Photoshop that has been released has already drawn a lot of accolades from the users mainly because of its new features as well as capabilities besides its user-friendliness and at present the people are going gaga with this new version of Photoshop and its related themes.

The new features that the Photoshop CS6 has come up with have been much awaited. This article describes some of the key features of the updated version of Photoshop that will surely help to increase the end results of your projects and help you work much faster than before.

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