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This page 2 of the collection of Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates, if you missed page 1 you can access it from this link

IMCreatives ( Demo Download ) 
This is a very creative and interactive HTML5 and CSS3 template that helps you make scrolling through your web pages more interesting.
CSS3 seascape ( Demo Download ) 
This template offers a 2 column fixed width template with jQuery drop down menu, image transitions and a PHP contact form.
Template with Slideshow for Maintenance Business ( Demo Download ) 
Are you running a maintenance business? If your answer is yes then you would most likely be interested in this free web template to bring your website to life.
Animated Template for Interior Design Website ( Demo Download ) 
This creatively designed template is best suited for interior design and decoration related websites.
Todo ( Demo Download ) 
This template uses CSS3 transitions to rotate the top four menu items. The template comes with loads of interesting items present throughout the template.
Free Website Template for Car/Auto Website ( Demo Download ) 
One of the best templates for automobile related websites, that comes with all the necessary features you need.
IndiansManufacture ( Demo | Download ) 
In this template, you will notice highly developed visuals as well as animated elements that are integrated into the template via jQuery. The hover effects are simply amazing.
Template for Consulting Business ( Demo Download ) 
Here in this theme, you will see that all the consulting related businesses can make the most of it. This is a free web template that provides a professional feel.
ThinkSimple ( Demo Download ) 
A simple yet classy template for those who want a simple but professional look. The template includes a jQuery image gallery as well.
TechnicalLine ( Demo Download ) 
This one is specially designed keeping businesses in mind. Therefore, this template offers all those features that you will require to showcase your products with a professional flair.
Free Website Template for Music Site ( Demo Download ) 
If you run a music website and are looking for a custom web template to set your site apart, then this free web template is for you.
Grungeset ( Demo Download ) 
In this template, you will find both a gallery-style home page layout as well as a 3-column interior page layout.
Free Website Template for Beauty Center ( Demo Download ) 
This is a simple but elegantly designed web template for the beauty salons websites and the businesses that deal in beauty care.
Gardenfolio ( Demo Download ) 
A bright and vibrantly colorful template that is suited for those who want to bring their websites’ images to life using Flash.
Free Website Template for Food Delivery ( Demo Download ) 
This is another brilliantly designed template for businesses that offer free food delivery.
Principato ( Demo Download ) 
This template has been designed based on restaurants or culinary themes, although it can easily be used for any other kind of niche as well.
Free Website Template for Business Site ( Demo Download ) 
This template shows you an effective use of the jQuery cycle slider that makes this website template ideal for businesses.
Fascination ( Demo Download ) 
If you want your images and headlines to be more focused then you should opt for this template.
Free Website Template for Law Business ( Demo Download ) 
This is another free website template for the websites that deal in the business of law. This custom theme comes with all the required features that you need to showcase on your services.
Template for Youth Organization ( Demo Download ) 
Although this template was designed for the Boy Scouts, you can easily customize this template according to your own needs and purposes.
Androidian ( Demo Download ) 
This is a visually appealing HTML5 and CSS3 template that comes with a cool rotating slider as well as text fonts that create a long lasting impact.
Template for Exterior Design Project ( Demo Download ) 
If you have an exterior design bureau that you need to transfer to the online sphere then you should seriously consider this template for your needs.
Wedding Website Template ( Demo Download ) 
Make your wedding website noticeable with this free wedding website template. The jQuery image slider in this template brings your website to life.
CatTemplate ( Demo Download ) 
This template can be used for a variety of themes as it includes an image slider and beautifully combines a professional layout with a fun feel.
Free Website Template for Business Project ( Demo Download ) 
This is another free website template that uses a beautiful jQuery image slider. This free website template is ideal to be used for your business project.


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