Posted by : Magnus Friday, 31 August 2012

Today I've collected multiple freebies from the fantastic webdesign page Premium Pixels. To download these fantastic freebies you need to sign up, don't you worry, it's free! Please check out this collection and if you like it, don't be afraid to leave a comment.

Blueish Cloud Growl Style

This freebie, a transparent Growl notification style, is a fantastic contribution from Swedish designer Victor Erixon. A refreshingly different style to others available methinks.

Shopping Cart Icons (PSD/PNG)

This freebies is a set of five 32px shopping cart icons I put together for practice. The download includes the PSD complete with raw vector shapes and some readymade pngs. Enjoy!
This freebie is an uber handsome set of 41 social networking icons in both 16px and 32px by Prekesh Chavda. Admit it, you love social media icons, especially when they’re this pretty.

Facebook & Twitter Sign-in Buttons (PSD)

This quick freebie is a set of social sign-in buttons for Facebook and Twitter. I put these together for an upcoming project and thought you might find them useful :)

Apple 27in LED Cinema Display (PSD)

This freebie, an Apple 27in LED Cinema Display, is a brilliant contribution from UI designer Koy Carraway. The fully layered PSD could make a sweet surround for showing off some work.

Safari Browser Chrome (PSD)

This freebie is a simple browser chrome based on Safari. Browser chromes have always been a popular way to display work and screenshots – now you have another in your arsenal.

Glowing Volume Knob & Switch (PSD)

This freebie is a super little set of glowing elements and super contribution from the Beardiest guy in design – the one and only Mr Luke Beard. Enjoy!

Fully Layered Macbook Air (PSD)

This freebie, a Macbook Air PSD, is a fantastic contribution from Swedish designer Jonathan Olsen. The Macbook is fully layered and makes a great surround for showing off work.
We ended last year with a contribution from Fabio Basile so why not start the new year with one? 15 super-awesome credit/debit card icons just for little old you.
This freebie is nifty little design for an analytics widget put together by Farzad Ban. He’s even kindly put together a matching icon too – you owe him one!
This freebie is a guest submission by Sebastien Gabriel and is, quite frankly, absolutely fantastic. If you’re into app/UI design, you’ll want to take a look at this!
This freebie, a set of iPhone chat bubbles, is a sweet contribution from fellow UK based web designer Nicholas Craig. Goes without saying that they’re pretty awesome.
This freebie, a fully scalable Apple Macbook Air PSD, is a fantastic contribution from UI designer Koy Carraway. This thing is just brilliant, a super useful item to have in your toolbox.

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